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5S: Where Clutter Meets Its Match and Efficiency Gets a Makeover!

The 5S system is an innovative system used to manage waste and clutter and improve productivity. The 5S is simple, creative and boosts your team's motivation.

5S: Where Clutter Meets Its Match and Efficiency Gets a Makeover - KODOBI

The "5s" methodology originated in Japan with the aim of enhancing workplace efficiency, effectiveness, and safety. This structured approach not only minimises non-value-added time but also enhances both productivity and quality. So what are the fabulous 5S pillars?

Sort (Seiri) - Fix up look sharp

Organising things in your workspace. That old fax machine on top of the desk, covered in dust and not used since 1985? GET RID! No room for the unnecessary in the 5S system.

Set in Order (Seiton) - Everything in its place.

When being asked to tidy your room as a teenager, did your parents ever say... “Everything has its place” Well, they were right. Grab some containers and put all those random biro pens and sharpies in one place. Why not colour things up. Add coloured stickers to your work pedestal drawers and file paperwork in categories. We all need a coffee or refreshment throughout the day. Keep on top of cleaning used mugs, paper cups, which may also save you a fortune in replacing water damaged computer keyboards.

Shine (Seiso) - Cleaning time!

So.. by now you should be able to make your desk shine so much that people would see their reflection from the otherside of the workplace. Antibacterial wipes are always handy to have at the desk. Not only do they clean, but also keep those nasty germs and bugs at bay.

Standardise (Seiketsu) - Keep the good times rolling.

A word that some will like and some may not. ROUTINE. Try to get into an ongoing routine. Your workload may not give you the chance to continually be clearing, wiping and cleaning. So maybe set aside one time per week to have a sort through. You may be lucky enough to have cleaning contractors in your place of work. This is a real bonus and will help you to keep on top of things. If not, try creating a really simple check sheet. This can be added to your daily to do list, and can literally take all of 2 minutes to complete. Clear space. Clear mind. Namaste!

Sustain (Shitsuke) - Onwards and upwards

In the daily hustle and bustle of work life, routines that keep things spick and span are the secret sauce for a seamless flow of activities. This method doesn't just stop at tidying up, it encourages your team to take accountability of their workstations, helping them reduce waste, banish unplanned downtime, and eliminate unnecessary inventory. If you have cleaning contractors or facilities management on site, they should be able to help you sustain a clean, clear and healthy workspace. But to take responsibility for yourself. Sometimes the simplest of tasks can give you an overall sense of achievement.

5S Method: A Simple Path to Ongoing Improvement

After a 5S makeover, your office will be so sleek and streamlined, you'll be wanting to use it as a backdrop for your insta posts! You'll find all your materials and equipment neatly organised. Some maybe even colour-coordinated with labels! GET YOU! Think of the 5S method as providing your space with everything you need for the job. No more, no less. It's like a Savile Row tailored suit, but for your workspace!

5S is like a never-ending journey, circling through five key steps: Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardise, and Sustain. In short, this innovative work method is all about continually improving your workspace over time.


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