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First Aid at Work Course

The 3-day First Aid at Work (FAW) training program is specifically designed to furnish
first aiders with the competencies and insights necessary to eUectively manage
emergency scenarios within a workplace environment.

Adherence to the stipulations laid out by the Health and Safety Executive with regards
to workplace first aid.

Is widely recognised as a Level 3 first aid certification within the industry.

Key features of our First Aid at Work course comprise:

First Aid Training for Your Employees - KODOBI

This comprehensive training initiative covers a diverse array of indispensable first aid proficiencies tailored for larger or potentially higher-risk workplaces. The comprehensive skill set provided equips first aiders with the assurance and knowledge required to promptly and resolutely address workplace injuries or medical incidents.

For individuals seeking to renew a pre-existing 3-day First Aid at Work qualification, our 2-day First Aid at Work requalification course oUers a streamlined pathway for recertification.

The comprehensive 3-day First Aid at Work course encompasses the content of the Emergency First Aid at Work program while integrating a broader spectrum of vital skills. Participants will be equipped to understand and apply a diverse set of competencies when aiding adults in workplace emergencies, including situations where individuals:

- Are unresponsive and breathing
- Are unresponsive and not breathing, with training on utilizing an automated external defibrillator (AED)
- Are choking
- Are experiencing bleeding, including severe bleeding and the use of haemostatic
dressings and tourniquets
- Are in shock or experiencing internal bleeding
- Have burns
- Feel faint
- Have been poisoned
- SuUer from head injuries
- Have hypothermia or heat exhaustion
- Sustain bone, muscle, or joint injuries (including spinal injuries)

Participants will also learn to assist with various other medical emergencies such as seizures, heart attacks (including administering aspirin), angina attacks, strokes, asthma attacks, severe allergic reactions, and diabetic emergencies.

The course further covers topics like:

- Assessing a casualty
- Monitoring a casualty
- Seeking assistance
- Handling electrical incidents
- Recording and reporting accidents
- Managing hazardous substances (COSHH)

What is Covered in First Aid at Work Training?

Learning and Evaluation Process:

Learners undergo continuous assessment throughout the course through practical demonstrations, interactive sessions, quizzes, and role-playing exercises. These activities are structured to facilitate skill acquisition and ensure the safe application of knowledge in real-world scenarios.

Certification Duration and Course Details:

Upon successful completion, participants receive a First Aid at Work, which remains valid for three years. The course typically involves 18 hours of instructional time, excluding breaks, with sessions usually scheduled for 7 hours, incorporating designated breaks and a lunch period.

Entry Requirements and Suitability:

Given the physical and emotional demands of the first aider role, it is crucial to select individuals capable of swift and eUective action in emergency situations. Participants must demonstrate competency in applying the course skills to obtain the First Aid at Work qualification.

Free access to our ‘at hand’ digital pages for mobile phone or tablet with
quick access information to assist in the event of an emergency

This course is suitable for learners aged 16 and above

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