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Emergency First Aid at Work Course

The Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) program is a single-day training initiative
designed to equip participants with the essential knowledge and abilities to eUectively
address workplace emergencies.

Alignment with the Health and Safety Executive's guidelines on workplace first aid.

Relevance for both individuals seeking their initial EFAW certification and those
seeking to renew their qualifications.

Widely recognised as a Level 3 first aid certification by industry standards.

Key features of our Emergency First Aid at Work course include:

First Aid Training for Your Employees - KODOBI

This training program encompasses a variety of vital first aid skills suitable for environments with low occupational hazards. Participants will acquire the competence to respond promptly and confidently to injuries and illnesses, as well as to identify situations necessitating professional medical intervention.

In instances where a needs assessment reveals the necessity for expanded first aid
training (e.g., in cases involving employees with specific medical conditions), we
recommend opting for the comprehensive 3-day First Aid at Work course. This extended
program equips participants with the expertise to identify and manage a broader
spectrum of injuries and medical emergencies.

The concise 1-day Emergency First Aid at Work course equips participants with the knowledge and practical skills needed to eUectively assist adults in workplace emergencies. Participants will learn how to respond to various scenarios, including assisting individuals who are:

- Unresponsive and not breathing, with training on the use of an automated external defibrillator (AED)

- Unresponsive and breathing

- Having a seizure

- Choking

- Bleeding

- Suffering from shock, internal bleeding, or burns.

Additionally, the course provides guidance on:

- Assessing a casualty

- Monitoring a casualty

- Obtaining assistance

- Dealing with electrical incidents

- Recording and reporting accidents

- Handling substances hazardous to health (COSHH)

What is Covered in Emergency First Aid at Work Training?

Learning and Evaluation Process:

Throughout the course, learners undergo continuous assessment through hands-on demonstrations, interactive sessions, quizzes, and role-playing activities. These methods are designed to support learners in acquiring the necessary skills and applying their knowledge safely in a real-world setting.

Certification Duration and Course Details:

​Following successful completion, participants receive an Emergency First Aid at Work certificat, which remains valid for three years. The course duration typically spans 6 hours of active learning, excluding breaks.

Entry Requirements and Suitability:

Selecting individuals for the role of first aider is crucial, considering the physical and emotional demands of emergency response. Candidates must demonstrate proficiency in applying the skills learned during the course to attain the Emergency First Aid at Work qualification.

Free access to our ‘at hand’digital pages for mobile phone or tablet with quick access information to assist in the event of an emergency

This course is suitable for learners aged 16 and above

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