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KODOBI First Aid Training gave me a life saving response

Ambre-Taora Zimmer, the Group Studio and Operations Manager at Gymbox, transformed an ordinary Tuesday morning commute on a bus, into a heroic life-saving operation. While travelling to work, she encountered a critical situation that demanded immediate action and showcased her leadership and first-aid proficiency.

KODOBI First Aid Training gave me a life saving response

Can you introduce yourself and explain your role at your workplace?

My name is Ambre-Taora Zimmer, and I am the Group Studio and Operations Manager at Gymbox. My role involves overseeing the studio operations and ensuring studio operations and creatives run smoothly.

What happened on the day you encountered a medical emergency on the bus?

I was heading to work on the bus that particular morning, when I noticed an elderly man on the bus suddenly collapse, showing signs of severe distress. He was struggling to breathe, and his complexion turned various shades indicating lack of oxygen. Recognizing the urgency, I immediately stepped in to assist him.

How did you respond to the emergency situation?

I quickly assessed the situation, asked the bus driver to call an ambulance, and started performing CPR. This included mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and chest compressions, which I continued until the paramedics arrived. I was performing CPR for around 15 minutes when luckily paramedics arrived. I knew I just had to act swiftly to increase his chances of survival. When the paramedics had loaded the gentlemen into the ambulance, everyone on the bus began applauding me. I can be a little shy sometimes, so that’s one thing I wasn’t expecting.

Where did you acquire the skills needed to manage such a critical situation?

I learned CPR and emergency resuscitation techniques through the first aid training provided by KODOBI via Gymbox. We regularly have refreshers, so luckily, the memory and training kicked in automatically. I felt prepared and knew what needed to be done.

How did you feel after the incident, and how did you manage the rest of your day?

After the ambulance took over, I continued on my way to work, still processing the adrenaline rush from the emergency. It wasn't until my manager checked on me that the magnitude of what had happened truly sank in and I did become a little emotional. It was a mixture of shock and relief. That self satisfaction for having helped, and a profound realisation of the impact of my actions.

What was the outcome for the individual you assisted?

Thankfully, the man, named Gary, recovered well. Surprisingly, the hospital called me later that day and told me he had survived the incident. It was both incredibly shocking yet relieving to know that my intervention actually helped save someone’s life.

Reflecting on this experience, what would you say about the importance of first aid training?

It just really hits home and highlights how crucial it is to be trained in first aid. You never know when you might be in a position to save a life. The skills I learned from KODOBIs training empowered me to act confidently and effectively in an emergency. It's an invaluable skill set that everyone should have.

I think no matter where you work or what you do, everyone should access these skills. This was a pure example, that incidents don’t just happen in the workplace but in everyday life and I witnessed first hand everyone on the bus that day was too afraid to help.

I’d personally say if your employer asks or offers you to attend first aid training, DO IT.

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