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Health & Safety

Safeguarding your workforce.

& Inclusion





No snoozing in our Health & Safety training.




Within any business, staff and employees are one of your most valuable assets.

Wake up your workforce! Our staff training courses are guaranteed to keep everyone wide-eyed. Don't let your staff's potential go to waste.

Our energising courses, packed full of knowledge will keep your teams alert, attentive, and excited to learn, leaving no room for drowsiness or daydreaming.

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Your 'Aum' shouldnt just be for home. 

At KODOBI, we go beyond simply safeguarding your employees, facilities, and business. We firmly believe that the overall wellness of your staff is equally as important. We collaborate with like-minded organisations who share our enthusiasm for promoting wellbeing.


Every individuals wellbeing is important. We can help assisting your HR team undertake specific risk assessments with 100% confidentiality and compliance with GDPR regulations. We devise strategies for rewards and incentives to keep staff motivated and make everyone feel valued. We also work in partnership with other established organisations who provide one-to-one or group sessions for mental and emotional wellbeing. 


Breaking Barriers.

 Diverse Minds Ignite Brilliance.

At KODOBI,  we firmly believe that having a fully diverse workforce is imperative for an all inclusive work environment. 

Imagine a world where everyone of us were exactly the same. Oh how boring life would be! Lets celebrate and educate your teams on the incredible, talented groups and communities you have within your organisation. 


& Inclusion

Trusted by global partners.

Marc Diaper | CEO | Gymbox 

Working in partnership with KODOBI for the past 9 years.

London Lifestyle Awards 2020 - 2022

No matter what sector you work in, our Health & Safety 
Consulting Services will support you all the way.

Health and Safety Consultancy - KODOBI


Fire Safety Training - KODOBI

Fire Safety

Holistic Wellbeing Services - KODOBI


Diversity & Inclusion

Health and Safety Auditing - KODOBI


Experience the unique blend of education and enjoyment with KODOBI's First Aid Training. Our program is crafted to equip your workforce with essential first aid skills, ensuring a safe and healthy work environment. We focus on vital topics like CPR and AED use, tailored to meet your business needs. Completing our course awards participants an Emergency First Aid at Work Certificate, demonstrating their competency in handling medical emergencies. ​


KODOBI prioritises workplace safety and wellness, offering industry-leading First Aid Training to enhance safety and confidence within your organisation. We provide an action-oriented solution, fostering a safer UK workplace, one training session at a time.

First aid training

First aid training London - KODOBI

At KODOBI, we recognize the challenges business owners face in balancing multiple responsibilities, including staying updated with evolving health and safety legislation. As your dedicated health and safety consultant, we aim to streamline your operations and ensure compliance without complexity. Our approach is client-centric, transforming health and safety into manageable, cost-effective systems tailored to your business needs. ​


Our team of qualified professionals, affiliated with leading safety institutions, provides up-to-date, industry-best practices. With KODOBI, you receive 24/7 support through your preferred communication method, ensuring expert advice is always at hand. By choosing KODOBI, you join a partnership committed to your business’s safety and growth, experiencing a transformation in health and safety management that exceeds expectations.

Health and safety consultant

Health and safety consultant - KODOBI

KODOBI takes fire safety training beyond just a compliance requirement, offering solutions that prioritise your needs and ensure peace of mind. Our approach is engaging and comprehensive, focusing on creating a safe, confident workforce adept in identifying fire hazards and executing safe evacuation procedures. With KODOBI, fire safety is transformed into an engaging, vital component of your business culture. ​


Our tailored solutions include thorough fire risk assessments, accommodating the unique needs of your premises and diverse individuals. The training covers essential areas like fire causes, evacuation actions, and fire extinguisher usage, concluding with a test to ensure thorough understanding. We recommend regular updates to your fire safety policies, keeping your business prepared and protected.

Fire safety training

Fire Safety Training London - KODOBI
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