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Severe Allergic Reaction


1. Sit the casualty down, rest and reassure them.

Allergic reactions can cause rashes, itching or swelling on the hands, feet or face.

A person may experience difficulty breathing. Additionally, they might throw up or suffer from diarrhoea. Allergies can be triggered by various agents such as pollen, insect stings and bites, latex, and certain foods like nuts, seafood, eggs, or dairy.

2. Call 999 if the person has this symptoms 

They need immediate medical attention, as allergic reactions can escalate rapidly and can be life-threatening. Such reactions might lead to the swelling of the airway, resulting in serious breathing difficulties.

3. Use their auto-injector if they have a known allergy.

Those diagnosed with specific allergies might carry this prescribed device. Follow the instructions on the box.

4. Calm and comfort them while waiting for medical assistance.

Notify the medical team if you've used the auto-injector.

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