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Asthma Attack


1. Help the person sit comfortably and use their inhaler.

Asthma attacks narrow the airways, making breathing challenging. Inhalers work by relaxing these muscles, widening the airways, and allowing better breathing.

2. Comfort the affected individual and take them to an open space or outdoor space if possible.
3. Loosen any tight clothing around the neck such as a shirt and tie.
4. If the situation worsens or their inhaler is not available, dial 999 immediately.

In a few minutes, a minor attack should stop. If it persists, they should keep using their inhaler. Stay with them for some time, as conditions might worsen rapidly. If they don't have their inhaler, previous steps didn’t work, attacks getting worse, or they can't talk, don’t hesitate to call 999. Get someone else to call 999 if you can't. 

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