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Colloborating Through Fitness and Safety

At KODOBI, our commitment to infusing passion and dynamism into the world of health and safety has always been unwavering. We were thrilled to work with 'The Foundry,' championing both their spirit and safety in equal measure.

Below, Ben Gotting, Director of The Foundry, shares a story of growth, and how, with a sprinkle of our KODOBI energy, we've made health and safety not just a priority, but also a joy.

Colloborating Through Fitness and Safety

How did your business journey begin?

When I started my business, it was initially an outdoor boot camp; it was for a ‘females only’ group, to give them a sense of empowerment. The business very quickly grew and within 6 months I joined forces with 2 others to open The Foundry.

What led you to collaborate with KODOBI?

KODOBI came on board with us back in the beginning – 2016, and quickly put in robust systems and devised all our risk assessments, policies and procedures. I think what attracted us to KODOBI out of other consultants we had approached, was the sense of passion and energy they had.

How did KODOBI change the perception of health and safety in your organisation?

When you normally think of health and safety you immediately think of chores, and yet more paperwork. But KODOBI weren’t like that.. This was certainly key for us. Working within the fitness industry we have to remain motivated to keep all our team motivated whilst working with our members, yet always thinking of their safety.

How did KODOBI help in terms of compliance and documentation?

As the business grew to an additional two sites, and the working relationship with KODOBI grew, myself and the senior management team found ourselves not having to worry about documentation for upcoming events or making sure each club had everything they needed in place to be compliant.

How did KODOBI's approach impact health and safety compliance?

Our KODOBI consultant, Jamie-Lee, seemed to gel well with each of our club Managers and the rest of the teams and have a good laugh during site visits whilst keeping eye on such a serious topic. Which ultimately got our managers on board enabling us to get where we needed to be. Our managers were even able to drop KODOBI a WhatsApp whenever necessary to gain specific advice as and when needed.

What sets KODOBI apart in terms of their health and safety services?

I think one of the most enjoyable things about working with KODOBI was the training sessions KODOBI would hold for our teams and the drop in site visits. Most health and safety stuff make you want to run a mile, but any visit from KODOBI was a good laugh, but also totally focused on the importance of H&S. The team loved it.

How did KODOBI contribute to Diversity and Inclusion at The Foundry?

Our ethos at The Foundry is #where the strong belong. We want all of our gyms to feel like a safe place to come to, no matter who you are or what you are going through. We did opt in for some Diversity and Inclusion training with KODOBI, which was a real eye-opener. It was very much a conversation starter and gave our teams more confidence in approaching an area that can be rather sensitive.

Would you recommend KODOBI to other businesses?

I’d say to experience the services KODOBI provide, just go for it! Give them a go. I know we weren’t disappointed in any way and I'm sure any business in any sector will have the same experience. They seem to have a skill for adapting the subject of health and safety to any type of workforce or environment.

Thanks for your support during your time with us team KODOBI!

Ben Gotting | Director

The Foundry


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